Christianity Explored

One life, what's it all about?

Christianity Explored is a short ten session course designed to introduce you to the Christian faith and answer any questions you may have. It is a chance to meet new people in an informal setting and find out more about what is mean to follow Jesus Christ. Each time you meet, you will watch a short DVD about a particular topic and discuss further in your group the questions you may have. 

Session Outline

  1. Introduction, Meaning of Life
  2. Who is Jesus? Authority
  3. Why Jesus came: Sin
  4. The crucifixion and atonement
  5. Grace, not works
  6. Jesus’ Resurrection
  7. What is a Christian?
  8. Assurance
  9. Choices: King Herod
  10. Choices: Disciples

What can I expect?

Each group is informal, and often begins with some food and chat before the DVD starts. Feel free to sit and listen or to ask as many questions as you like. It’s up to you! 

If you are interested in joining a Christianity Explored course, or have any questions, please contact us for more details.