HBC Holiday Club - Day 2

HBC Holiday Club - Day 2

Another great night at the Mission Impossible holiday club.  We had another great group of 26 kids tonight.  The kids arrived in the colours of the night, which were black and red, and were put into their groups.  Once again, we had lots of games, songs and activities for the kids, and another mysterious visit from our resident Sherlock Holmes!  His secret message tonight, ‘I have obeyed ALL God’s commands’.  The object of the secret message was for the kids to shout out when they heard Sherlock’s secret message during Brian’s lesson.


Again tonight, Brian had the kids’ full attention whilst he went through the lesson – The Impossible Man.  They learned about God’s ten commandments.  The kids learned that everyone sins and breaks God’s commandments, which makes it impossible for people to make it to heaven by following God’s commandments.  However, they also learned there is only one-way to heaven, and that way is Jesus. 


John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”


We can see the kids listening to the lesson so well, and this was evident during the quiz as their answers were all so encouraging and correct.  Once again tonight, the kids and the leaders all had a brilliant time.  All I can say is, God was glorified tonight as both young and old come together to share in a wonderful evening.

Please continue to pray:

·      Please pray that the kids will continue to be so engaged in the lessons

·      Pray for the families of the kids that they will come along to the parents’ night on Friday

·      Pray for Brian and the team to continue to be full of energy as the week moves along

·      Pray for the catering team who continue to work so hard to keep everyone nourished each evening

Mark Edmonson