HBC Holiday Club - Day 4

HBC Holiday Club - Day 4

We are having such a great time at the Mission Impossible holiday club. Thursday night was a special night for one of the kids as it was her 12th birthday, happy birthday! It was also a special night because we heard all about the miracle of feeding the 5000. The kids couldn’t believe that Jesus was able to do that with just 5 loaves and 2 fish, but they were reminded that our God is the God of the impossible and only God can do these miracles. Maybe we all need reminded about just how amazing God is!


There is always a great moment in the night when we split up into small groups and ask the kids questions about the talk. It always surprises me just how much they take in and also how much they understand. It’s also getting very competitive between the teams and the final scores each night are so close! Tonight we will find out the winning team but there is still one more night of games and activities to win points from – so excited! The kids are really enjoying being part of teams playing games, answering quiz questions, doing the memory game as well as taking part in the big hall games too.


Oh did I mention the lovely food that we have had all week? Thank you to everyone who has baked and made food for the team, it’s appreciated by all of us! It’s such a blessing to be part of a church so willing to help, so willing to spend time with these kids and share with them the Love of Jesus.

Please Pray:

·      Tonight is family night, pray that parents and family members come along, take part and enjoy the evening.

·      Pray for Brian and the team as they lead the final nights teaching, that the kids would listen well and remember the story.

·      Pray for Sunday and that the kids will come to church as we have a special family service.

·      Praise God for all his goodness that he has shown this week!