Exodus Holiday Club - Day 1

Exodus Holiday Club – Day 1


It’s my first time being a part of the Exodus Holiday Club and I can honestly say it is the most hilarious organised chaos you have ever seen! Brian Lowrie and Mad Ministries have created a fantastic Cowboy/Lone Ranger Theme focusing on ‘Most Wanted’. We had a near packed hall with 35 kids all jumping up and down, making lots of noise and singing some great songs. The kids got a chance to do some line dancing (Greer and Nicole were our fantastic teachers!), play games outside (Chris deducted points from my team for throwing a ball at his head L) and hear about how the miracles of Jesus proved he was the Son of God.

Fun and Games


The kids learnt that Jesus turned water into wine and that he fed the five thousand. They learnt that people wanted ‘things’ from Jesus and these were things that would make their lives better and through these miracles Jesus showed he was more than just a man. A huge encouragement of the night was when asking the kids “what would you ask Jesus for?” one girl said “Eternal life for all of my family”… what an answer!

Prayer Points

·      Please pray that the kids keep coming back and bring their friends

·      Pray for the team as they teach the kids about who Jesus is!

·      Pray for opportunities for each leader to be able to talk to the kids and answer their questions.

·      Pray for all the soar throats to be healed (from the shouting and singing)

There will be a blog each morning written by one of the team, so come back tomorrow morning and find out how Day 2 went!

 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he shall not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Ross Ferguson

P.S… Pastor David (aka ‘The Lone Ranger’) paid a visit and earned points for all the teams by getting a hat on a cactus!

Pastor David (aka The Lone Ranger)