Christian Music Challenge (Day 24 of 30)

Day 24 of 30 featuring an acoustic version of 'For the Lamb' by Elevation Worship


I was walking home yesterday (another part of my 'get fit' regime) and I was listening to Klove and this song came on, I had never heard it before, I don't think I have even heard of Elevation worship before - but this song...


"The Lamb has overcome, everlasting love has won, eternal praise we will lift him up, for the Lamb has overcome" 


What awesome words! What an amazing God we have, that he would send his Son to take the punishment for our sin, nail sin and Jesus to the cross, dying a cruel death. Praise God he did not remain in the grave but rose, overcoming death itself and preparing a way to everlasting knowledge of the Father and the Son. Let us lift praises to God today, together, let us all sing "PRAISE GOD FOR THE LAMB THAT HAS OVERCOME!"


"Wake Up The Wonder", the new album from Elevation Worship. Recorded live at Time Warner Cable Arena, these songs are our prayer for the Church - a prayer for revival


Come back and Praise God tomorrow with Day 25 of our 30 day challenge to listen to Christian music


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson