Christian Music Challenge (Day 23 of 30)

Day 23 of our 30 day Christian music challenge! I hope you are encouraged when listening to Christian music - I always find driving to worship music such a joy and always arrive encouraged, I wonder if we feel this way when we just listen to the news?


Watching or listening to the news always makes me feel discouraged - what has our world come to that it is now the norm to hear about bombings, shootings, riots, corrupt businesses etc. It is easy to despair, but their is one thing that never changes - the Love of Jesus. We can cling to Jesus, his love remains constant for us, when all is turmoil there is Peace in his love. Our song today is from Matt Maher called Hold us together, its an old one but I love the words of this song - it truly is encouraging...hope you enjoy!



In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson