Christian Music Challenge (Day 21/22 of 30)

So I must confess, it was the first day back at work yesterday and I totally forgot to post (sorry!) but don't worry it is now in my diary with a reminder!


I was in the gym this morning (ate to much food on holiday) listening to a sermon, the key message of the sermon is that our aim in life should be to Glorify God. Ultimately nothing in this world will ever satisfy us. We were made by God and for God it is only in God getting the Glory will we ever be fully satisfied. Everything in this life may bring happiness but it is hollow in comparison to the creator God. Thinking about this, I remembered a song I introduced in the church plant we were involved in a few years ago (shout out to Wallyford Livingroom!) called Glory to God. It's a simple message - God deserves the Glory because he made all things and he is Lord of Lords. We should never tire of giving God the Glory. 


Remember there is so much Christian Music you can listen to via Klove, Youtube, Spotify or UCB Radio.


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson