Christian Music Challenge (Day 20 of 30)

Over the last week I have been on holiday, which has allowed me to listen to a lot more music than normal - even the kids have been dancing around in the lounge to the music. As today is the last day of our holiday we popped through to Edinburgh to check out another church and join in the fellowship for a day.


One of the songs we sang this morning was called God is Able, we actually sang it at the last SOUL service at HBC. The reason I like this song so much is the title! God is able to defeat the grave, He is able to rise from the dead, He is able to overcome anything! To all those who are struggling right now, facing multiple trials and wondering how to manage your way through, here is our encouragement - GOD IS ABLE! Remember that through every trial, every heartache, every decision and every concern. Our God is a mighty God, he is the LORD of LORDS - he can defeat any attack from the Devil and deliver you from any trial!


Hillsong God is Able with lyrics.. To God be all the praise and glory! We love you Lord!


Come back tomorrow for day 21 of our 30 day challenge and more Christian Music. 


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson