Christian Music Challenge (Day 17 of 30)

After 16 days of watching and listening to church based worship songs I thought I would go for a change on today's post... Christian rap!


A re-imagining of Amazing Grace by Jordan Copas. I love older hymns, I equally love when someone does something new with them. I find this version... real. What does a Christian look like? We all imagine someone when we answer that question... but the simple answer is a wretch saved by Grace looks beautiful, looks joyful, looks like the love of Jesus. I like this song because it is so different and some will dislike it from the minute they see the tattoos or see that it is rap. Yet, this is one guy, worshipping the Lord in the best way he can... using his God given talent in rapping. See what you think -



Check in tomorrow for more Christian Music on day 18


Pastor Ross Ferguson