Christian Music Challenge (Day 16 of 30)

We are now over half way through our 30 day challenge to listen to Christian music, to be encouraged, lifting our souls during the stresses of modern day living.


I have  not posted for a few days now, it was a busy few with preaching, start of our holidays, scorching hot weather, knocking down a garage etc! However, I have continued to listen to Christian music throughout and have picked a few of my favourites from the last few days... hope you enjoy! 


Our first song today is Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson. I was playing this in the car the other day, full volume, windows open - Miriam hates when I do that :). I loved these lines and the power behind them " In the eye of the storm, you remain in control, in the middle of the war you guard my soul, you alone are the anchor when my sails are torn, your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm". When life gets tough, and lets face it, that can feel like everyday... remember on thing... JESUS IS IN CONTROL, HE IS YOUR ANCHOR! 



The second song today is an old one by Third day called You are so good to me. Third day is probably my favourite Christian band, the lead singers voice is simply awesome! There is a line in this song that catches my attention every time. "You poured out all your blood, You died upon the cross, You are my Jesus who loves me". Simple... True... Powerful... Encouraging!



I am sure Andrew Gunning will be laughing at this next song (he knows its not one of my favourites) - Break every chain and this version by Tasha Cobbs. I normally find this song quite tedious and repetitive. However, this version came on klove the other day and just the shear passion and power behind this group singing break every chain touched me. Of course this song is repetitive - we must cry out to God to break every chain and take hold of our lives and change us. I preached on Sunday that a Christian life is of total surrender... This song and this version shouts... I SURRENDER!



I hope you are being encouraged and I hope that you are searching for Christian music and filling your homes and your cars with God honouring music. What a better way to spend your day than filling your heart and soul with amazing music about our awesome Lord!


Come back tomorrow for Day 17 and more Christian Music.


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson