Christian Music Challenge (Day 4 of 30)

We are now on Day 4 of this 30 day challenge! One of the reasons that this challenge is so important is to help us all walk with Praise and Thankfulness for Christ in our every day lives. I was talking with someone yesterday about a few things I am stressing over, decisions need to be made, yet I find myself more and more perplexed as to what to do! I heard the song for today this afternoon as I was contemplating that conversation, when listening God made it clear to me - I am not to stress about the where and when, nor am I even to look at the successes or failures of life. I am simply to say 'For me to live is Christ'


Let me encourage you all to live for Christ, stop stressing about what the future holds or what the past has been. Instead, simply live for Christ, be satisfied in him and love him!


Song: To Live is Christ Artist: Sidewalk Prophets Album: Something Different 

Come back tomorrow for day 5 and another Christian song!


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson