Christian Music Challenge (Day 28 of 30)

We are now in the final 3 days of our 30 day challenge to listen to Christian music - being encouraged and transformed as we fill our ears and hearts with praises to God.


I haven't posted over the last few days as I was away at a family wedding in Oxford. The wedding itself was great, we got to catch up with a lot of family and also support Miriam's Cousin (one who was getting married). The journey there and back however was not great. We broke down on the way to the wedding (we have never broken down in this car before!) - I had to ask the garage to rush the work and in the end we arrived 1 minute before the bride arrived, stressful and inconvenient but at the end of the day we made it. Coming back didn't go to plan either, on the M6, stuck in traffic, we were hit from behind and ended up being stuck on the outside lane with  dented rear bumpers, upset kids and all slightly stressed out (we are all ok, just a few dents on the car and sore necks/heads but all is fine!)


All we kept thinking was - you couldn't predict this if you tried. We have never broken down, nor have we ever been in an accident, but on this weekend both happened! 1 Peter 4:12 says "Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you". I have no idea why our journeys ended up being a trial, but what I can say, is our song today speaks of our reaction. It is called "We won't be shaken" by building 429

"Whatever will come our way, through fire or pouring rain, we won't be shaken. Whatever tomorrow brings, together we will rise and sing, we won't be shaken" Praise God that we are all safe, that we were able to see all our family and Praise God that he is still sovereign and has everything under control - even when the car breaks down and we end up in an accident!!


As performed by Building 429.

Pastor Ross Ferguson