Christian Music Challenge (Day 18 of 30)

Day 18 of the Christian Music challenge, it seems like yesterdays Rap based on Amazing Grace went down well, but we wont push it by posting another :) Instead today is a song called 'God is on the move' by 7eventh Time Down (no, that's not a typo...I have no idea why it has to be a 7 instead of an s!)


The first verse catches my attention - "Any time a heart turns from darkness to light. Any time temptation comes and someone stands to fight. Any time somebody lives to serve and not be served... God is on the move". In Christian circles we often talk about the negatives - the issues with sin, how others live, temptation, struggles etc. Have we forgotten about the positives? What an amazing thing it is when someone first becomes a Christian, or when someone fights for Jesus and their faith or even when someone decides to die to self to serve and love others. We should celebrate when these things happen, all of these prove that our amazing God is working in the lives of his people!



Come back tomorrow for day 19 of our Christian Music Challenge


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson