Ruler above all things!

Do you know what the most common word is in the Bible (ignoring and, the, or etc.)?


‘Lord’ appears in the Bible over 7000 times and is by far the most common meaningful word. It may be no surprise that the most used word is focused on our Creator, the author of all, but it certainly is not a ‘common’ word. The word ‘Lord’ has numerous meanings, but all describe God himself. It means supreme master, one who rules, above all things, someone to be obeyed and one who keeps his promises.


It strikes me as quite significant that on average every 5 verses, the word Lord reminds us that we have a God that rules above all things. In considering this I find myself asking the question – does the ‘Lord’ of the Bible rule over my life? In Psalm 46:10 we are commanded to “Be still and know that I am God” We live in a society that says we have the power to make something of ourselves, to get that promotion, to get that dream house, to live how we please. But as Christians, The Lord, the supreme master, the ruler above all things commands us to ‘BE STILL’.


We are not to just sit and have idle hands, no, we are to be still and ‘KNOW THAT I AM GOD’. We are to be still and know that God is eternal (psalm 90:2), that God is Holy (1 Peter 1:6), that God is unchanging (Malachi 3:6), that God is all knowing (1 John 3:20), that God is good, loving, gracious, merciful, just, sovereign and wise.


The Bible teaches us that God has the Power. He is in control. He has the ability to strengthen you, he has the ability to deal with all your problems, he has the ability to deal with your guilt, he has the ability to give you great joy and he has the ability to save you. How is this possible? Because he is LORD of Lords, the ruler above all things.


Today, take a moment to be still and consider Psalm 145:3 – Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise!”


Pastor Ross Ferguson