Christian Music Challenge (Day 19 of 30)

Glad you could join us for day 19 of our 30 day challenge to listen to Christian Music! 


Miriam and I were chatting last night about attitude, or in other words what do we live for? Of course we live in the world and to live in Hamilton you need a house, you need a job to pay the bills and every so often you need a break to gain energy to keep going. However, the thing that struck us is surely these things are means to an end, surely our focus and goal is Jesus and therefore all we do in on this earth should point to the goal. It is surprising how many Christians think they have Jesus as the goal yet if we look at how we live, where we spend our money, what we talk about and what we do... I wonder if someone who didn't know you would know your goal is Jesus? Jesus asked his Disciples to give up everything and follow him, guess what - they obeyed. I wonder if we live a life of total surrender and obedience, where all we have belongs to Jesus.


Well that was our conversation last night, this morning two songs came to mind on this very topic. The first is an old one called 'I have decided to follow Jesus', such a simple song, yet speaks about running toward the goal with no looking back! 



The second song that came to mind is called 'Where I belong' by Building 429. A song that shows us that we do not belong here, we are only temporarily here and straining toward heaven, our true home, our true goal. 



Come back tomorrow for day 20 of our 30 day challenge and more Christian Music


In Christ


Pastor Ross Ferguson